Corporate Videography

Canteen is on a mission to adapt to these changing times. With their entire business model based on employees being in the office, Canteen wanted to show their customers how they’re accommodating hygiene and social distancing. A series of videos were created to show off their snazzy technology adaptations to make the work environment safe […]

Engaging Websites

The #1 goal in successful website design and implementation is to fully understand the user and their needs. Knowing how, where and why they’ll be using the site is key for not only design but for how the message is laid out. That message is the business’s story they want to tell their consumers. Consumers, […]

Compelling Writing

Video Script Writing: A good story starts with a character; your avatar. What are your character’s internal and external problems? What injustice is she taking a stand against? In script writing for corporate videos, a character faces an obstacle and then is presented with a guide who provides a plan to help overcome this struggle. […]


As co-founder and chair of Dialed In Living, I had the privilege of working, learning and connecting with smart, driven and curious like-minded thinkers. Our quarterly meetings include keynote speakers that help us in our development journey in business as well as in our personal life.  I view my role as a leader, in any […]

Commercial Photography

I am a strategic storyteller, as I’ve titled myself, and that story can be told in many ways. As it’s been said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I aim to use those visual “words” in a deliberate and impactful way.  I share stories through unforgettable, high-definition art to showcase people, their businesses […]

Brain Fuel

You are what you eat…and what you read, what you watch, the people you spend time with and what you listen to.    My list of favorite books and podcasts is long but I wanted to showcase the ones here that I stand by and resonate with on a daily basis.  the books the Podcasts